Mineral Makeup: Is it Right For Me?


You may have thought just trying to choose the conventional makeup was hard enough. But now you have started to begin hearing about this “mineral makeup” and have no idea what it’s about. Is this something you should try?

One common misconception that people have about mineral makeup is that it is some new makeup trend. While it may have only increased in popularity recently, this type of makeup has been around for nearly 40 years. Mineral makeup was “created” in San Francisco, USA – or that’s how the story goes. Naturalists were not satisfied with the chemical-laden makeup products that they were being forced to use, so they looked to using minerals from the earth to create lasting, beautiful makeup products. Mineral makeup products are primarily based on three natural elements: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and mica, and are fragrance and dye free, which many argue makes the mineral makeup healthier for our skin.

Is Mineral Makeup Healthier?

Talk to some dermatologists about this, and they will definitely argue that mineral makeup is no healthier than our standard old-fashioned makeup. Why? Because a lot of our more conventional makeup products are based on the exact same minerals that are found in mineral makeup. Many dermatologists also argue that there is no proof that mineral makeup is more pure than the more conventional type of makeup.

But here’s the other take on it: mineral makeup doesn’t have dyes. It doesn’t have fragrances. It doesn’t have binders and preservatives. So with that alone, doesn’t that make mineral makeup far more pure than conventional makeup? Many will say that it most definitely does.

Natural Sun Protection

One of the great benefits to mineral makeup is that it does offer up natural sun protection. Most mineral makeup has an SPF rating of 15 or so, as both titanium and zinc oxide provide you with that sun protection.

That being said, with the UV rays being as strong as they are today, most experts recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, so it may still be necessary for you to throw on some sunscreen underneath your SPF 15 mineral makeup.

Not All that it may Seem

Not all mineral makeup products are created alike. As a matter of fact, there seems to be a large gap between those that take care to not use any sort of synthetic products in their makeup, and those that do add those extra preservatives and colors and fillers and binders to their formulas. Generally speaking, the less expensive of the mineral makeup products will try to throw in these “filler” products, but it’s always important to flip over the makeup and read up on what you will actually be putting on your face. “All Natural” and “Organic” labels don’t mean squat in the makeup industry where almost any product has free reign to call it what ever it wants (the FDA does a poor job of monitoring what is in our makeup and how it is labeled), so use caution when looking for that new mineral makeup.