How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Shade For You

Nail Care

Walk into any beauty store or drugstore and you will be bombarded by tons of different shades of nail polish. Not only are there different shades, but there are different finishes. Matte, pearl, shimmer – if you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, you are not alone. All too many women feel so confounded by the amount of different nail polish shades there are to choose from that they eventually simply nab any one off the shelf and take off to the cash register.

While it is true that choosing the “wrong” shade of nail polish is not nearly as bad as if you were to purchase the wrong shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, a lady must bear in mind that what her hands look like tell a lot about her character. A well manicured hand tells everyone that you are a woman who takes great care of herself and cares about her appearance. Choosing a bright sparkly pink nail polish shade to put on top of that manicure will say that the woman may be fun, or she may be a bit immature. A matte black nail polish screams “gothic”, whereas red and berry shades are more mature and neutral.

Your skin tone also plays a large role in whether or not a particular shade will work for you. As a general rule, the following shades work best with the following skin tones:

Fair skin: Berry, red shades are great for those with paler complexions as the berry shades tend to have a bit of pink in them. This helps bring out the pink undertones in fair skin.

Medium skin: Go for the wine tones or the deep burgundies. These will compliment the more golden glow to your skin.

Olive skin: To really compliment your golden skin, opt to wear any nail polish with golden tones, browns, or orange-red shades.

Dark skin: Shimmering silvers, deep plum shades and strong reds are a great choice for anyone with dark skin.

When you choose the color of nail polish for you, regardless of skin tone, it’s important to take into consideration where you are going to be seen with that nail polish most. For instance, a bright red may not be appropriate in the office every day of the week. A more neutral shade may be the bet choice for a week where you expect to be coming in and out of the office.

In contrast, if you do plan on attending a cocktail party or go on a date in the week, then is the time to experiment with more dramatic, more metallic and more fun nail polish shades. Go for the shimmers, go for the redder or darker tones, and have fun with it! More bold and braze nail polishes are less apparent at night than during the day for obvious reasons (it’s darker!) so this provides you with the perfect opportunity to give those nail polish shades a try.