Website Services

In today’s technology-based world, it is essential that all business and individuals wishing to promote what they do have a strong web presence.  In addition to our promotional services, we also offer a variety of website services:

Custom Website Design

We will design your website to your specifications and in such a way that it reflects the image you wish to have represent you out in the world.  The cost of this service is completely dependent upon the complexity of web design you choose and the amount of material you wish to post.  We have several cost saving suggestions that will help you make the most of your investment.  Describe to us the type of website you want to create and the material you wish to include and you will be given a quote.  Your quote is based on the amount of time it will take to create your website, as well as any custom graphics that are needed.  Our basic rate is $25 per hour or any part thereof with a $25 minimum.  We can also work in the opposite direction:  you tell us your budget and we will tell you what we can do for that investment.

Our preferred website creation tool is WordPress.  You do not need to have a WordPress account to have a WordPress designed website.  We prefer WordPress because we are able to offer a smoother, more professional looking product, but primarily because it empowers our clients to manage their own websites rather than pay for webmaster services.  Our clients are provided with full tutorials on how to use WordPress and the best part is that the website can be updated and managed from any computer that has internet browser access and no expensive software purchase is required!  This puts control of YOUR website in YOUR hands!

Website Enhancement

The web design world is constantly changing and it is important to keep your design current.  An outdated design speak to the impression people will create regarding your business.  We can upgrade your current website, giving it a “facelift” and modernizing its appearance.  Our rate for this service is $25 per hour or any part thereof with a $25 minimum.

Domain Registration

If you do not already have a “domain,” also called a “URL” or “web address,” we will set this up for you.  Domain registration costs $25 per year.  This includes domain registration fees, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) fees and labor.

Website Hosting

When you have a website, the material you upload to the internet has to be stored somewhere.  This “somewhere” is on a server belonging to a web host.  What amounts to “rent” is charged for the space your website pages and graphics take up on the server.  Our hosting plans start as low as $5 per month and include unlimited email addresses, email forwarding, and a very user-friendly control panel, as well as a gigabyte of storage and a gigabyte of traffic to start.  You may also purchase 6 months of web hosting for $25 with all of the same features.

SEO Optimization

Every website designed by Earthmom Designs includes Search Engine Optimization to quickly move your website up the ranks in search engine listings.  We will develop a list of keywords and placement maneuvers to improve your ranking.

Webmaster Services

If you do not wish to learn WordPress or manage your own online material, we will provide webmaster services at a fee of $25 per hour or any part thereof with a $25 per session minimum.