Author Services


Authors have their own specific administrative needs in addition to marketing and we are happy to offer the following:


Yes, people still read print books and use bookmarks! This is particularly applicable for authors and booksellers. Here is an example:

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Companies such as Vista Print,, and will take the design we create for you and use them to make your bookmarks.

E-book Conversion

Send us your book in MS Word or Rich Text format and we will convert it to a .pdf file that can be read by any computer, as well as Kindle or Nook. The price for this service depends on the number of pages and number of photographs to be formatted.

Services are also provided for prepping files (including images) to submit to Kindle Direct Publishers.

Rates are as follows:

Under 15,000 words: $125
15,001 to 40,000 words: $150
40,001 to 100,000 words: $200
More than 100,001 words: Priced by project, with $225 minimum

These rates include the formatting and insertion of up to ten (10) images files. After that, image file formatting is priced out at $2 per image file. So 15 image files would be an additional $10 over the quoted price.

Prices above do NOT include digital services such as image creation or modification. The embedding of specialty fonts (does not include standard embellishments such as bolding or italics provided by the author within the manuscript) is also an additional cost and is not recommended.

Turnaround depends on the scope of the project.

Again, proofing/editing and digital services are additional charge to the formatting charge.


We will edit your book and proofread your papers! The length of your manuscript or work determines our fee. We will edit for spelling, grammar, sentence structure (while preserving the integrity of your wording) Email us for an estimate.