Promotional Services

sliderbuscardsThere are a myriad of ways, both on and off the internet, to promote your business or event. Consider these options to promote yourself:


Yes, people still read print books and use bookmarks! This is particularly applicable for authors and booksellers. Here is an example:

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Companies such as Vista Print,, and will take the design we create for you and use them to make your bookmarks.

Business Card Designs

We will design standard sized business cards for you to apply to template such as Avery and MS Word to create your own business cards or upload the design to Vista Print or other printers to create professional business cards.


Professional Logo Designs

You need a logo that represents you to your best potential. Let us know what you envision and we will bring it into reality.

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Whether you mail them or simply use them as handouts, postcards are a handy, eye-catching marketing tool.

Flyers and Brochures

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Book and Product Reviews

Provide us with a copy of your book or your product or provide us with your service and we will write a quality review for you to use in marketing. If you are an author, we will upload your review to has some of our reviews posted.

Social Media Services

We will set up your Twitter or Facebook account for you and link it to your website. We will also create a LinkdIn profile for you based on the information you provide on an interview sheet.

Fees For Promotional Services

Fees are assessed according to the body of work involved in the job. When you describe what you want to have as your final result, you will be given a time estimate. Labor charges are billed out at $25 per hour or any part thereof with a $25 minimum per job.